We all need balance in our lives. Not only the well known Work/Life balance, but also a balance when it comes to the hard, clinical environments we are exposed to in our daily lives and on the other side an environment where we can feel calm and relaxed.  

How do we achieve this?  Well the secret is in surrounding yourself with items that you love, items that inspire you, items that make you happy!

The Wookio Imagineers have spent months working on a vast gallery of images that we will share with you at a regular basis.

Each week new designs will be made available.

We also have Artists, who we can only describe as MAGICAL, that have agreed to produce Exclusive items that we will make available.

Currently you will see that our primary products are Premium Canvas, Premium+ Canvas and Premium+ Canvas with a Float Frame. Soon we will add other products and options to the range.

The difference between Wookio and most other providers is that we ONLY do high quality products! We love what we do, we take pride in what we do and we want you to be happy for years to come.  We take extra care, put in quite a bit of effort to ensure that the product you receive is exceptional.

Please read about our products on the Product Description Page.

Get Involved

Are you an Artist? Would you like us to sell your art on Wookio? 

Get in touch and we can discuss how we can support you and provide you with a place to share your talents with the world... Well to start off with... with South Africa.

Send an email to info@wookio.com today!